1.   Objectives

To coincide with the sightseeing policies of the government and the continuing growth of the relative industries, and to address the trends of digitalization and e-commerce, this department was founded in 2013 and started to enroll four-year technical students. In 2014, this department began to enroll two-year program technical students for a continuing education program.

 2.   Courses planning

This department focuses on the knowledge of tourism and service management, applying the technology of digital multimedia and e-commerce to better cope with the industrial needs. Courses consist of the following two types:

Tourism and service management: Courses include Travel Agency Management, Packaging and Design of Travel Commodities, Air Transport Management and Booking System.

Digital Multimedia Technology and e-Commerce: Courses include Digital Photographing, Digital Image Processing, Microfilm Producing and Marketing, Website Planning and Design, and Internet Marketing.


3.    Features

(1)   This department integrates the knowledge of sightseeing and the technology of information management to nurture cross-disciplines personnel.


(2)   This department takes the cultivation of professionals in the tourism management and the assistance of obtaining employment as the main targets, emphasizing practical training and the development of problem solving capabilities.


(3)   This department establishes the system of capability identification, strengthening students’ competitive advantages in career through assignment, project, and practical training.


(4)   This department assists students to obtain professional identification in tourism and digital multimedia technology.


4.   Future development

(1)   Working staff and service staff in tourism industries.

(2)   Staff handling e-commerce and information management in tourism-related industries.

(3)   Staff assisting the building of digital tourism platform and the designing of digital content.

(4)   Market analyst, marketing planning staff, website planning staff, and internet marketing staff in various industries that need to develop e-commerce.



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